Common events excluded on a Creditor insurance cover


Typical exclusions include:

  • unemployment which was known about at the start of the policy or occurring within a specified period of taking out the policy
  • deliberate acts, wilful actions, self-inflicted injury, drugs or alcohol abuse
  • unemployment brought about by the insured choosing to resign or take early retirement or voluntary redundancy
  • war or similar risks
  • normal pregnancy or childbirth
  • pre-existing medical conditions, unless the customer has been symptom free for 24 months before the claim
  • HIV or AIDS
  • seasonal or fixed-term employment
  • claims occurring within the waiting period
  • Dismissal due to misconduct, voluntary redundancy or retirement.

In addition, some policies may also exclude some or all of the following:

  • back conditions;
  • mental health conditions;
  • chronic conditions


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