Additional optional benefits/extensions you will get on a Pecuniary Insurance


Legal expenses Insurance

Optional extensions include:

  • libel and slander protection
  • cover against the costs of involvement in public enquiries
  • cover against the costs of investigations by professional bodies

Credit insurance

The following extensions to cover are available:

  • Pre-delivery work in progress. This covers the materials and labour costs incurred if work is carried out towards a contract but, because the customer goes into liquidation. the work is never finished, delivered and invoiced
  • Supplier default. This covers the additional costs involved in finding new suppliers, loss of payments made in advance and fines or damages for late delivery, if a supplier becomes insolvent and goes out of business.

Fidelity guarantee Insurance

Cover can be extended to include third party computer fraud. This provides cover for the loss of business assets resulting from fraudulent access to the business computer system by non-employees. 


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