AKI Circular No 073/07/TMG/2020 |VAT on Insurance Agency and Brokers Commission


The association of Kenya Insurers has sent a circular to its members. Circular number No 073/07/TMG/2020 notifying its members on VAT on the Insurance agency and brokers commissions was signed on the 13th of July 2020 by the AKI executive director Tom Gichuhi.

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This circular was giving details of court case filed after AKI went to court to challenge the introduction of VAT on Insurance Agency and Brokers Commission.

Copy of the circular

The association of Kenya insurers reported to its members that they have been granted conservatory orders staying/suspending further implementation, administration, application and/or enforcement of paragraph 10 of part II of the First Schedule of the Value added Tax Act 2013 as amended by the Tax laws(Amendment) Act 2020 pending hearing and determination of the Main constitutional Petition.

The association advised its members to ignore any tax invoices raised by intermediaries.

The matter is set for highlighting of the written arguments by all the parties to suit on Tuesday , 3rd November 2020.

we will keep updated on the proceedings



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