Children and Learning.


Learning is the acquisition of knowledge , we all learn new things everyday. Children begin learning as early as they are in their mothers womb. Some studies show that when a child is exposed to a familiar environment when in the womb, the child when born will respond by love and appreciate for that person

John Locke stated that children are like an empty slate when they are born. Meaning their brain is empty, as caregivers we should expose our children to a lot of experiences and activities so that they can learn failure to do that a child brought up in an environment with limited materials he will not be able to learn

Other studies show that not all children learn in the same way, some need materials, others need individual attention and so forth. As caregivers, we should try and know our children’s interest and abilities so that we help them learn.

Bandura stated that children learn by imitating adults, as caregivers we should portray good behavior so that they can acquire and learn them. Be good role models to your children. Maria Montessori talked about multisensory materials to be used when teaching and she emphasized learning by doing. Learning in children should be child centred, let them do thing they love doing and at their own pace.

in conclusion materials to be used should be age appropriate, various,safe,attractive and should cater for individual differences


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