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Climate is the weather conditions of a given place for a period of time. Weather can be windy, rainy or sunny.
In our country we had been experiencing a long period without rain which is known as drought. Which led to dying of crops,and animals causes by lack of moisture and water to help in the growth of plants and animal life. This resulted to high inflation rates of items in the country.the Economy rose or went up.
Lately we have experienced floods. Floods throughout the world. All this are effects of climate change.
How did the weather beat us this way???
From my climatesmart training is that our Earth or atmosphere has been having a very protective layer of blanket which is known as the Ozone layer. This layer helps to protect the Earth from harmful ultra violet rays from the sun to reach directly to the Earth. But now human activities like ,Afforestation, emittions from industries, Green house gases, Over Cultivation of land have led to the depletion of this Ozone layer causing adverse climatic conditions like the Floods we are experiencing now.
We are the future to help resolve this we need to:
1. Plant more trees
2. Reduce Pollution
3. Use environmental safe materials
4. Avoid over cultivation
5.Use energy saving items
6. Use gas when cooking
7. Walk avoid travelling with vehicles
8. Plant drought resistant crops

And so forth, the CHANGE starts with me and you.
let us save our Earth.
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