Drama as man is beaten by mob in Kenol-Murang’a County for stealing using a snake.


There was early drama in Kenol-Murang’a as middle aged man was beaten by mob in Kenol-Murang’ County for stealing using a snake.

It is alleged that the man identified as Joel Karani has been putting the live snake in different apartments in the area strategically targeting homes occupied by women during the day.

Upon spoting his target, he places the snake at the doorsteps and when it enters, the room occupiers panic and leave the house to call for help.
Joel then swiftly breaks in the house and quickly takes what he can and leaves with the snake.

Today however, the targeted homestead was aware of the prank and they busted the guy in the act.

“Hii nyang’au imetuzoea.. Kila week lazima aibe na hii nyoka yake.. Leo tulikuwa tumemgonja na tumempata.. Hawa polisi watuachie tumchome akuwe funzo kwa wengine,” said an angry resident.

The area police acted swiftly before Joel could be burnt with the ready tyre and petrol.

He was booked in at the Kenol-Makuyu police post for burglary and posesion of a wild animal illegally awaiting trial.


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