Foods for the Skin


What you eat plays an important role in the skin conditions. A healthy diet does more beauty to the skin.  To avoid getting skin disease like Acne reduce intake in Salt,  chocolate, saturated fats and milk.

Foods for the skin include: Beans, Peanut, Cucumber, and Mangoes.

Beans helps in nourishing evenly the skin. They are rich in vegetable fibre which helps to prevent constipation and lowers blood cholesterol levels. there are various types of beans : white beans which are small in texture, pinto beans which are medium sized and used in cuisine,  kidney beans which are combined with chillies and salads, black beans which have a sweet flavor.

Peanut also known as groundnuts nourishes and fortifies the skin. They can be roasted, fried in oil,  eaten raw or even used in peanut flavor or flour. They are the highest protein bearing oil nuts.

Mangoes nourishes the skin and arteries. They help in reducing skin dryness and Premature skin aging.  They are also rich in three antioxidants which are vitamins A, C and E. This helps in blood circulation.

Cucumber  also known as Pepino in Spanish cleanses and besutifies the skin.  They contain few calories and give a sense of satisfaction thus preventing obesity.  They can be eaten raw or blended in salads with lemon or with other vegetables.  They produce sulfur needed for healthy skin cells,  hair and nails and at the same time cleanse the bloodstream of toxic wastes .



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