How do I claim my bike insurance?


Bike claims are the easiest to claim. Bima Mtaani will give you a simple way to claim for your bike insurance. If you’ve been involved in an accident or had your bike stolen and need to make a claim, you should find all the details you need in your insurance documents sent over to you by your insurance when you took out cover.

If you never received the policy document or do not have any documentation on the same, we at Bima mtaani can assist you on way forward. You will simply be required to mention your insurance company. We will guide you at no cost.

It is important to note that most insurance companies will require that once you are involved in an Accident;

  • You should Call police to the site who will aid in obtaining a police abstract
  • You are required to report the happening of the accident immediately to the insurance company and wait for feedback from your insurance
  • some companies will require that you notify your insurance agent


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