How Does a Third party, fire and theft Motor Commercial Insurance Work


This is the first level of a motor commercial insurance that includes some cover for the insured’s own vehicle.

The cover provided by a third party, fire and theft policy includes all the cover under a third party policy, plus the following:

  • Damage to the insured vehicle by fire, lightning or explosion
  • Damage to the insured vehicle during attempted theft or whilst it is stolen. Some insurers include the taking of the vehicle without consent
  • Loss of the insured vehicle due to it being stolen and not recovered.

In addition to the two third party policy exclusions identified earlier, a third party fire and theft policy also excludes ‘loss of use’; i.e. any financial losses incurred by the insured whilst their own vehicle is off the road.

Insurance Cover for spare parts and accessories may only apply while they are attached to the vehicle.


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