How Manchester United and Leicester could easily lock Chelsea out of the Champions League


The race for top four will go to the wire. As the table stands right now, Manchester United and Leicester City both sit one point behind Chelsea.

Only two of these three teams can qualify for the Champions League.

United’s visit to Leicester is being seen as ‘winner takes all’ all on the line blockbuster showdown. This will be the deciding clash for the two teams

It could be anything but United and Leicester may have an incentive to play out one of the most boring and dull draws in recent memory.

This arrangement could suit both teams

The key factor is what happens in the second last match where Leicester visit Tottenham, united host westham while Chelsea visit Anfield in Premier League matches.

If United beat West Ham and Leicester win at Tottenham, both teams will be up to 65 points.

That will take both United and Leicester two points above Chelsea, who dare not lose to Liverpool. Assuming Chelsea Loose against Liverpool.

It will mean whatever Chelsea do on the final day against Wolves will not be good enough, if United and Leicester draw.

At the moment, Chelsea have an inferior goal difference of the 3 teams. Chelsea’s goal difference is just +15, while United’s is +28 and Leicester’s +31.

A Chelsea loss to Liverpool and win over Wolves would take them to 66 points, as would wins for United and Leicester, and then a draw between the two teams on the final day.

A slow paced risk free draw between United and Leicester could play out, to secure a Champions League spot for both clubs, locking Chelsea out.

This is of course just one of many ways the results could break, and of course it is a nightmare one for Chelsea to have to consider.

For both United and Leicester this would be ideal, and while Chelsea fans would cry ‘fix’, it wouldn’t necessarily be that way, it would just be a case of both teams playing it safe.

It is of course a dangerous game for both teams to play, to aim for a draw, when a defeat could cost them a top four spot. All it would take is one mistake, or a dodgy VAR call, which would undo their season.

Far better to see United blow Leicester away and win the game in style. At this point though, anything is possible.

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