How to get cheaper bike insurance?


We at Bima Mtaani understand that you can’t change all factors that affect the price you pay for motor bike insurance a motorbike, but there are some ways you can reduce the cost of your bike insurance.

These include:

  • Boost your bike’s security. 

You can fit an immobilizer on your bike or store it in your garage overnight which could lead to cheaper insurance.

  • Pay for cover on annual basis.

Most covers purchase on monthly basis normally have an interest on it.

Paying your motor bike insurance on annual could save you some cash.

  • Regularly improve your riding skills. 

There are several driving schools in Kenya that offer bike riding lessons. It is advisable that you undertake refresher courses on this. Gaining an advanced qualification could lead to cheaper cover so long as it’s recognized by your insurance provider.

  • Buy a less powerful bike. 

When you are buying your first bike, you may opt for a less powerful bike which will lower the premium you pay your insurance firm for the bike insurance – not to mention, it’s safer to start off on a slower bike.

  • You may Increase your excess. 

When you raise your excess, this will usually results in cheaper insurance, but you need to be sure you can afford to pay it if you were to claim on your policy.


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