How to reinstate you Lapsed Insurance Policy in Kenya

  •  If a premium is in default beyond the Grace Period and policy is not surrendered for its cash value, policy may be reinstated, at company’s discretion, within a no. of years after the due date of the premium in default, subject to:
    • Written application for reinstatement, along with payment of all overdue premiums with interest
    • Insured’s Current health certificate and other evidence of insurability as may be required
    • Repayment or reinstatement of any indebtedness outstanding at the due date of the premium in default plus interest.

Re-dating of a life insurance policy

  • There is a process called redating in the insurance company. This forms part of the revival process but the customer is not expected to pay the outstanding premiums.
  • Redating allows the customer to continue with policy by pushing both the start date of policy by the number of months they are in arrears hence also pushing the maturity date ahead.
  • For instance
  • A 10 year policy that started on the 1st of Jan 2010 and was to mature on the 1st of Jan 2020 Lapsed/ stopped paying in December 2015.
  • On revival by redating, the customer came in January 2018. Since the policy had paid for 5 years, the insurer will assume that the policy started in Jan 2013 to keep policy up to date. The policy will now be up to date but the maturity date moves ahead to Jan 2023.


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