Importance of a urinalysis test and how to interpret the urinalysis report


Urinalysis test provides an initial evidence of presence of disease. Urinalysis can point out problems with the kidneys, liver (cystitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, kidney stones), infection or diabetes.

The test compares different urine components against average or normal ranges.

The test reveals so much but less expensive.

Specific Gravity (1.00 to 1.03) higher levels may indicate the presence of ketoacidosis or protein in the urine – This indicates that the applicant may be Diabetic or is an Alcoholic.

PH Level (4.8 to 8) higher pH may mean the presence of a urinary tract infection, gout or fever.

Urobilinogen may indicate a problem with the liver such as cirrhosis. Often it is a bye product of Bilirubin

Bilirubin – may indicate an anemic condition, liver problems, or hepatitis may be present.

Leucocytes – May indicate an infection. Combination of leucocytes and blood may indicate cystitis (infection of the Bladder). Call for a Repeat test for confirmation.

White blood cells – Just like leucocytes, indicates infection

Red blood cells – indicate blood presence in the urine. It may indicate a problem with the kidneys. No worry for young ladies.

Ketones in urine May indicate diabetes, starvation or excessive alcoholism. Trace is okay.

Glucose in urine may indicate Diabetes. You will have to confirm this with FBS test

Excessive Albumin/Protein – Kidney Disease or cancer. Presence of Albumin or Protein in Diabetic Patients is a case for decline because it may point to Nephropathy.

Presence of Blood (Microscope) – Haematuria. Indicates Kidney damage, enlarged prostate, renal stone or poisoning

Pus Cell (WBC) indicates infection

Bacteria in urine indicates infections. You may have to call for a repeat

A few Epithelial Cells shows nothing important. If many, indicates infection or kidney problem

Casts indicates a Renal Problem. With blood may indicate kidney failure

Yeast Cells show there is an Infection and probably HIV.  Applicant will be subjected to an HIV test


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