Is there any legal requirement to have Household insurance?


Buildings insurance isn’t required by law if you’re living in, or renting out 0r owning a property. There is no mandatory requirement to have home insurance.

If this is your first home, you’ll need buildings cover when you take out a mortgage. Your mortgage provider or broker’s likely to suggest a certain home insurance provider, but this might not get you the best deal. So get a few home insurance quotes before making a decision.

While it’s not a legal requirement to have contents insurance, if you didn’t have cover you’d be putting your belongings at risk. If your sofa was ruined by floodwater or your jewelry was stolen, the costs to repair or replace them would come from your own pocket.

If a number of your belongings were damaged, destroyed or stolen at the same time, it could work out extremely expensive and certainly more than the annual premium for contents insurance cover. So this type of insurance is seriously worth considering.


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