Kenyans Eagerly Waiting for President Kenyatta to Fully Open the Economy


President Kenyatta is today expected to address the Nation at 2PM from State house. This follows his June speech where several lock-down measures were upheld in an effort to stop the corona virus spread in the country.

There are mixed expressions and expectations from the president expected speech. A research recently contacted shows that many Kenyans prefer the cessation of movement in major hot spots of to remain while curfew hours to be reduced.

The president is caught in catch 22 situation where he is supposed to save the economy and also protect Lives. It is also evident that Kenyans are getting tired of the prolonged situation and many advocate for opening with caution.

Some countries like USA and Brazil that have opened have seen a spiral wave of new infections a situation that has led many countries to thinking twice. a recent research research by Kemri has shown that close to have had the disease 2.5M Kenyans have had the virus and recovered without knowing due to the asymptomatic nature of the patients.


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