Lampard warns his team against Manchester United strategy


Frank Lampard has told his Chelsea players to avoid giving Manchester United’s attackers the opportunity to go to ground in the penalty area.

The two sides go head to head in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembly on Sunday where the winner will face either Arsenal or Manchester City.

Lampard outlined that Chelsea should avoid giving Manchester United the chance to go down in the area after recent dubious penalty decisions for Ole’s side.

“They have to be careful [in the box] because when players of such high level, quality and speed of the Manchester United forwards travel quickly you have to move your feet and not dive in on them,” Lampard said.

That’s an important part of defending at any point in time. But [especially] when you understand the qualities of the opposition, with players like that. As a player we can talk about VAR decisions and whether they’re right or wrong but if a player is going to dangle a leg and not move their feet then you obviously do leave yourself open to penalties, VAR or no VAR.



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