We all have drives that make us do something and in turn get satisfaction which is a good feeling. The satisfaction can either be from inside a person or outside as a result of a reward. It is true to say that this drive is what makes us in lay mans terms hardworking or lazy. Or they might be a factor that contribute to our success or failure in life.

Growing up as a child of course motivation and learning begins from there. From as early as the child is in the womb, the environment should be conducive. An environment where the mother talks to the child in the womb, sings to the child, listens to soothing voices and interacts with people who show love and affection will likely give birth to a child who is highly motivated.
Such a child will love listening to the mother’s voices, mother’s friend’s ad so forth. This will help the child create good friendship and relationships as he or she grows up. For me was no different, luckily, I am the last born in the family and had a lot of people to motivate me. My elder siblings played a very important role in helping me learn and get motivated.

When I was young, whenever my brothers wanted something in other terms needs, they would use me as a messenger to our parents. Of course, growing up rules are always obeying and respect your elders and they might have really used that rule to their advantage. So, I would go and ask for their needs on their behalf from the parents and when it was delivered, I would feel that sense of satisfaction.
In one way they taught me how to communicate with the caregivers and intrinsic motivation, at times when I finally grew up and was able to bribe them, I would ask for something in return for the favor I had done them, that something is extrinsically motivation that also made me have aspirations.

Parents and caregivers can also use any form of motivation to ensure their children grow up well mannered. They can be extrinsic like rewards, presents or they can also be intrinsic. Self-satisfaction from inside a person is intrinsic motivation. For example, a child who tries to build a block and after a lot of effort finally succeeds, the child will be happy and feel satisfied.
Such a child growing up will not be that dependent on rewards or people, but imagine a scenario where that child fails to build the block, he or she will become demotivated in life. So as a caregiver ensure you are there to substitute intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with your child and don’t let one motivation dominate the other one.


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