One of the lead members of Bobi Wine's campaign team allias


Political campaigns leading up to the 14th January 2020 Ugandan election have gone on with volatile incidents. The chances of seeing an end to Museveni’s 34 year tyrannical leadership seem real. In a nation where military and police have been used illegally against civilians, Bobi Wine has brought a breath of fresh air.

With a massive youth following most motivated by his oratory skills and use of music. His campaign has consistently been hampered by state interference. However, he trudges on. Today his team was on a campaign trail to Jinja. A long the way however they were attacked by armed officers who opened fire and struck producer Dan Magic. Allegedly the shot was aimed at Bobi Wine himself.

Yesterday, his campaign team was halted and teargassed at several stop overs. At Nagalama however things got worse. The officers ran over five civilians and killed them injuring multiple others. One of the civilians killed is a close friend to Bobi Wine, Mr. Mohammad Ssebandeke. The use of brute force, teargas and in extreme cases flashbangs to disperse civilians is worrying.

While Museveni’s campaign has maintained its momentum, it has given Bobi Wine no space. The political leadership seems to be noticing the civilian pressure on the regime. Instead they have labled him “just a musician”. Museveni himself has taken to using public resources to bribe and even coerce support. Today, he commissioned three markets: Soroti, Tororo and Busia. However the commissioning did not seem to attract as much attention as he had expected.

The political situation in Uganda has attracted little or no international attention. The European Commission may not have observers for this election. The Ugandan government refused to implement proposals in the previous general elections. In what seems to be a wish away election, what hope do Ugandans have for a free and fair election?


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