Natural Calamity


It is quite evident that world wide floods are the most leading natural calamity currently.
Floods are a large water body arising from heavy rainfall down pour having no where to drain the excess water.

So what has caused this flood?
Poor drainage, lack or no drainage may lead to a lot of unnecessarily water which is flood.
Deforestation, cutting down trees which may have helped to mitigate this water may have led to increased floods.
Corruption, leaders who arw corrupt and end up misusing money set aside for development may also lead to increased flood
Climate change, our climate was affected along time through gas emissions, pollution which leads to destruction of the ozone layer. Lack of this layer creats unfavourable weather patterns on of them floods.

Causes of floods.
Death of animals, loved ones
Destruction of properties
Family separation
Increased orphanhood
Poor Economy
Education is affected
Increased prices of food
Diseases especially water borne
Physiological effect on the affected ones


Avoid pollution
Re afforestation
Education on weather patterns and how to protect ourselves
Intergity in leaders in terms of fairness in funds allocated for country’s development

We are all affected by this pandemic let’s keep safe help those we can because change starts from you.


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