Negative non verbal cues


have you ever wondered why some people dont have good communication skills?

well at times it is as a result of the non verbal communication they display.

not at only good communication, also interaction with other people lack of friends or friendship all this may be attributed to the non verbal communication they display.ย  this kind of communication has to do with no use of words just actions like guestures, body language, eye contact, facial expressions e.t.c

negative non verbal cues are those behaviours that are non friendly, they include:

harsh or gloomy facial expression, inappropriate dressing, use of guestures that are non friendly or against the culture of people, bad body langauage and failure to maintain eye contact.

some non verbalย  are used unintenetionally, but remember the next time people fail to associate with you, it might be the non verbal communication you demonstrate.

imaging a situatuion like you are in a party, but you isolate yourself from others, this may mean you dont want to be disturbed or you are bored instead you could socialize with people and get to make new friends

many job interview or people generall judge one another by their mode of dressing, how you dress says a lot about you and your personality.

teachers in classroom can also demonstrate negative non verbal cues like clumsyness with materials, poor display of materials, conjested classroom that is not well ventilated, failure to maintain eye contact, sad facial expressions and inappropriate dressing

right now with this pandemic failure to wear masks, failure to santize hands may lead one to get the virus.

in summary, note your non verbal cues whenever in public so that it may not affect you or everyone around you.



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