Passion is boundless enthusiasm,
That exists in a humanbeings heart,
It is a necessity for success,
For it drives you past the challenges on your way,
Let passion be your driving force.

No one can take you seriously,
If you’re not passionate about your vision,
For passion should be the fuel,
That empowers you on,
And moves you a mile closer to your success,
Let passion be your driving force.

Anybody who achieved anything,
Worked with passion as the main force,
It is the only force that drives men and women,
To reach the highest star,
And cross the biggest rivers,
Let passion be your driving force.

After finding your purpose and dream in life,
The next issue should be to develop passion,
That will fuel your dream to its growth,
And grant you a burning desire,
To those thinga that you cherish,
Let passion be your driving force

Passion ensures that your seeking excites,
And sparks fire in you,
Many people who have succeeded,
Love what they do and are zealous in their work,
As they are simply obsessed because of paasion,
Let passion be your driving force.

The end


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