Peer Pressure


Peers are friends,  well we all need someone to talk to, rely on in times of stress, happiness, to have fun etc.  But have you ever asked yourself if your peers are the right people?  How many times have you wanted to do something but you didn’t simply because you won’t be accepted or fit in the same group as your friends?

Parents when bringing up their children,  tend to choose friends for their children simply because it is their role and they are building a brighter future for them.

But what happens when the children go to boarding school, Campus or even College?  Parents are not there,  and it is your decision to choose friends that will guide you well and not mislead you.

Take an example of a lady who wears long conservative clothes at home,  simply to fit and be with friends who do the same. Well,  that’s good and in a way respecting the society in which she was brought up in.

The same lady while in campus or college wears short unethical clothes,  reason being she wants to belong, to feel like part of campus ladies. It is straight forward that the lady has been influenced by campus friends over there.

There are both positive and negative effects of peer pressure. Friends can lead you to bad things like drugs, Alcohol, Robbery, and many vices in the society

On the other hand,  friends can make you honest, respectful, obedience, kind, and all the virtues in the society.

The good thing is that we are blessed with a mind to discern what is right and wrong,  and if we are unable ask help from Parents, Mentors and even God for guidance.

No man can survive alone!  Associate yourself with good people and you will get positive results.



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