Remembering and Forgetting.

  1. Have you ever tried to recall something and you could not? That is forgetting, it is a common phenomenon to everyone.

Our brain has various memory systems that help us remember things or forget things if we do not pay attention to them or rehears them.

Sensory memory is one type of memory that receives information from the environment,  this information we call them stimuli in psychology.

The environment is made up of many stimuli, the sound from the cars,  the smell of food, the light from sun, e.t.c and the sensory memory will interpret the stimuli that is stronger.

After that the information goes to the short term memory. Here information is stored for a short period of time. If it is not that important our brain forgets it.

Information that is important and that we repeat and rehearse goes to the long term memory. It stores information for a long period of time. The long term memory is divided into various sections. childhood memories,  mathematics memory, memories of concepts e t c

information received from the environment goes to the relevant section in the long term memory.  when we need to retrieve,  it comes back to our awareness that is remembering.



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