Where can you purchase protection insurance (Long-term care, Critical illness, income protection, creditor)


Long term care insurance is a specialist area where the plan needs to be tailored to the individual needs on each insured. Cover is usually arranged on the advice of a financial adviser who is qualified in this area. The provider will depend on the product selected.

There are a number of providers of income protection and critical illness cover from whom cover can be purchased directly by phone or over the internet.

However, the purchase of these types of policy should form part of an individual’s overall financial planning.

Many people, therefore, arrange cover through an independent financial adviser. There are also brokers who specialise in high-risk applicants; for example, for those who have been turned down for insurance because of their medical history or occupation. 

The main providers of payment protection insurance used to be high street banks. Although the market place is smaller, cover continues to be freely available from a number of other providers, either on line or over the telephone. 


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